Saturday, November 21, 2015

school life

26 october,2015

   me and my school friend when to dufan last month. we left school at 6 AM. on road we were sleeping,singging,playing,making documantion,games
we arrived in jakarta at 8.30 AM. and then we arrived at atlantis at 9 AM.

at the atlantis we were swimming until 11.30 AM. me,seno,habib where playing sliding on the waterboom

after playing took a bath. i was shower with Tiara P.

we when to dufan at 12 PM we arrived there at 1 PM at dufan we when to mc.donald first after that we played rajawali,ontang-anting,hysteria. we when to bus at 6.30 PM and back to bandung at 7.30 PM we stoped at restarea 9 PM,and then we go back to bandung,and finally we arrived in bandung at 11.30PM.

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