Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dialogue (giving compliment)

 Fayra : "hey shafara!"
Shafara :"hello.'
Fayra :"you look beautiful waering that skirt,is that new?"
Shafara :"thank you very much.yes its new."
Fayra :"where did you bought it?"
Shafara :"ummm... i'm not sure my mom bought it for me."

Fayra :"oh i see.. by the way i've got to go now. see you later."
Shafara :"okay bye!"

About me

hello i am shafara but you can call me fara,i was born in bandung 24 june 2000, i live street at pasir salam 3 no 9 bandung.
my religion is moslem,my hobbies music and sport my favorite food japanese food 
i am the second child of two siblings my sister name sabrina ayunda she was 20 old he went to school in UNISBA.
My mother's name is Eva fasirah she's a housewife,My father's name is Rudi hermawan kusumah he's goverment.
I school in SMAN 3 Bandung i come from SMPN 18 Bandung
if i had graduated i wanted to go university UNPAD want to be legal or prosecution, i hope the desire to achieve AMIN.