Sunday, November 22, 2015


Literary, Arts and Culture Festival


Where? Lapangan Bali
When? 19 September 2015

• Berbagai Permainan Tradisional Jawa Barat
• Musik Klasik 3
• Lingkung Seni Sunda 3
• Keluarga Paduan Angklung 3
• Gabungan Pekerja Seni Bandung
• Pencak Silat Mega Paksi
• HiVi! 

• Many more!

There will be tons of variety of unique culinary foodtruck and West Java! 

For more information:

Line : @ifg4862y
IG : @gamarvani

Saturday, November 21, 2015

school life

26 october,2015

   me and my school friend when to dufan last month. we left school at 6 AM. on road we were sleeping,singging,playing,making documantion,games
we arrived in jakarta at 8.30 AM. and then we arrived at atlantis at 9 AM.

at the atlantis we were swimming until 11.30 AM. me,seno,habib where playing sliding on the waterboom

after playing took a bath. i was shower with Tiara P.

we when to dufan at 12 PM we arrived there at 1 PM at dufan we when to mc.donald first after that we played rajawali,ontang-anting,hysteria. we when to bus at 6.30 PM and back to bandung at 7.30 PM we stoped at restarea 9 PM,and then we go back to bandung,and finally we arrived in bandung at 11.30PM.

Friday, November 20, 2015

My Friend Tiara Pradita

I have a friend in my class, her name is Tiara Pradita.She has long hair and round face. She wears tooth brace and sometimes wears glasses.She likes to make jokes and make people laugh. Sometimes we talk and hangout together.She sits on the left side of my desk. She is quite smart and friendly.Everybody likes her,

She lives at Braga street with her family.She has one elder sister,one younger brother and one younger sister. She likes singing and listening to the music.Her favourite singer is Raisa.She wants to be a teacher in the future.She doesn't like pets so she doesn't  have any pets at her house.Her favourite food is spicy food like seblak,baso,spicy kerupuk.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dialogue (giving compliment)

 Fayra : "hey shafara!"
Shafara :"hello.'
Fayra :"you look beautiful waering that skirt,is that new?"
Shafara :"thank you very much.yes its new."
Fayra :"where did you bought it?"
Shafara :"ummm... i'm not sure my mom bought it for me."

Fayra :"oh i see.. by the way i've got to go now. see you later."
Shafara :"okay bye!"

About me

hello i am shafara but you can call me fara,i was born in bandung 24 june 2000, i live street at pasir salam 3 no 9 bandung.
my religion is moslem,my hobbies music and sport my favorite food japanese food 
i am the second child of two siblings my sister name sabrina ayunda she was 20 old he went to school in UNISBA.
My mother's name is Eva fasirah she's a housewife,My father's name is Rudi hermawan kusumah he's goverment.
I school in SMAN 3 Bandung i come from SMPN 18 Bandung
if i had graduated i wanted to go university UNPAD want to be legal or prosecution, i hope the desire to achieve AMIN.